Meet the J & L of JL CREATIVE!

JOANNA Goodwin serves as the Director of Christian Education at Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. Originally from Albuquerque, Joanna moved to Oklahoma City to attend college at Oklahoma City University. After graduating in 2012 with undergraduate degrees in Religion and English, Joanna was fascinated by the Hebrew Bible and the power of narrative, which aided in her decision to attend seminary.

Joanna moved to Madison, NJ and began her Master of Divinity degree at Drew University in Fall 2012. Time at Drew brought clarity: Oklahoma was home; as much as she enjoyed New York City, she was not East-coast material; education is transformative; and there is a need for progressive curriculum, particularly for children. 

Graduating in December 2014, Joanna moved westward right away and began 2015 as part of the admissions team for a graduate theological school and traveled extensively. As the daughter of a public school reading teacher who taught for over 35 years, Joanna felt called to respond to the teacher shortage in the Oklahoma City Public School system. She currently teaches 6th grade English and Language Arts to 96 students between 3 classes. When not in the classroom, writing JL Creative curriculum, or working on lesson plans, Joanna enjoys cooking, especially trifles, and learning about bee-keeping with her husband, Charles, a federal judge. 


REV. LORI WALKE, Rev. Lori Walke, J.D., one of the ministers of Mayflower Congregational UCC Church in Oklahoma City, is a graduate of Oklahoma City University School of Law, Phillips Theological Seminary, Oklahoma State University, and is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry at Emory University.

Lori is a sought after public speaker and the recipient of several awards including Central Oklahoma Labor Federation AFL-CIO's Friend of Labor Award, the University of Oklahoma's Women & Gender Studies' Courage Award, and the Ally of the Year from Freedom Oklahoma. She is married to Collin Walke, an attorney and State Representative for House District 87, and together the "Rev & the Rep" try to make as much trouble in the name of peace and justice as they can.